About Us
Since 2011, as Fitbas.com, we are proud to serve our valued customers, 
who wear big and small numbers both through our website and through our stores.
As Fitbas.com, we continue our activities officially within FBS E-Commerce Information Services Limited Company.
Although our company is a young company, we have a story that goes back to the 3rd generation in the profession.
As the company, with the emergence of the Internet of the footwear industry,
we continue our activities by offering new models to our customers every season on the side of big and small size shoes. As an understanding, we aim to be a shoemaker for everybody who crosses the road with us
and needs big and small size shoes, not only for once, but also to
be among our customers by satisfying themselves. It is a really disturbing problem to be in a difficult situation due to your foot number,
to ignore, and to get the answer “not”, and almost everyone knows this problem.

A considerable number of people are experiencing this problem in many parts of the world. We set out to offer solutions tailored exactly to this need.
Not the numbers that you can easily find in many stores, but the numbers that you cannot find easily and especially the numbers you call: 33-34-35 and 40-41-42-43-44-45 for women,
36-37-38-39 and 45-46-47 for men We offer FitBas.com where you can find many models you need in the size of -48-49-50 shoes.

Free shipping
You do not pay extra for cargo in all purchases you make from FiTBAS.com.
 Fast Shipping Infrastructure
We ship the products you purchased within 24 hours and we do not keep you waiting. 
You can start using your shoes in an average of 72 hours.    Returns Within 30 Days I bought shoes but don't worry! With a 30-day FitBas.com return guarantee, you can shop with peace of mind.
As long as the product is unused and sent with the invoice and box. It is not possible to accept returns for payment orders at the door,
and exchange with another product.
Exchange Guarantee
You can change the product you purchased with our products in stock at any time. In exchange transactions, 
the shipping cost is shared by the buyer and the seller. The cost of sending the product back to us is covered by our company.
We replace your shoes with the color or the number you want with the product you want as soon as possible.    Only For You On FitBas.com, you can find special numbers of many varieties that you cannot find elsewhere.
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